Philomena Trailer And Preview

One of the best films of 2013, Philomena offers viewers and critics something that has been missing from the movie scene for sometime: a gritty and real story of a mother that had to give away her son due to myriad of pressures. The movie follows a dark secret of the past when babies were sold to rich couples that couldn’t have one by themselves.

Philomena Trailer

The film stars Judi Dench and Steve Coogan who have made this movie not only brilliant but enticing. The film centres on the terrible experience of an Irish woman named Philomena that had to let go of her child during the 1950s. It was during this time that she was forced to work at Magdalene Laundries which were operational till 1980s. These industries had a terrible dark secret, selling babies to America’s couples for considerable amount of money. This does reminds one of the “The Magdalene sisters” released in 2002.

Coogan’s character Martin Sixsmith has recently come back from a scandal that has bought him back to his profession of journalism. He comes to hear about the story of Philomena who is played flawlessly by Judi Dench and her narration is not only touching by tugs the very ends of your heart. Coogan takes Philomena to America to find her son that she lost in her teenage years.

The film also reflects the struggles of Philomena in her teenage years where one will find numerous signs of Dickensian lifestyle and the roughness that was prevailing in the English workhouse society during the 19th Century. And when the film show casts the agony and frustration of teenage mothers losing their babies forcibly one is starkly reminded of the irony of the workhouse name Magdalene who is known for receiving compassion from Jesus Christ himself.

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